Masters Degree in culinary education... YES or NO

Joined Jun 17, 2018
I am a budding chef associated with the Oberoi Group of Hotels and am in a On the job degree program held by them.
Basically I work at an actual hotel and at the same time in getting a degree of my under grad.
My under graduation will be over until next year and I'm confused on what to do next.
I wanted to know how important it is to do a masters program and what if I skip the same and gain experience while working.
My aim is to do very well for myself and i don't want to leave any stone unturned and i want to be very careful about my career.
So is doing a masters degree worth it or no?
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A Masters degree in culinary arts is only good if you will be teaching in the future. I have a Masters in education with emphasis on culinary arts. It is of no use to me as I did not pursue teaching.
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