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Any clue how?  (Allow me to elaborate.  =P) - 

I am always here and there looking for new recipes to try out, and well, I seem to have forgotten to do something with them as I have come across them.  A few months (and hundreds of recipes) down the road, and I have a massive collection of recipes bookmarked, and not much in the way of time to get them quickly and efficiently off the web.  And so, might anyone have any good suggestions on the best method(s) of doing so would be?  Let it be known that I am quite partial to the photographs that accompany the recipes, should that weigh any on the method of retrieval.  

I thank anyone with any advice on the matter.
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If you have, or get, Mastercook, you can either use the built in web import bar OR , if you use FireFox as your browser, you can use RecipeFox for the same purpose.

BTW, Mastercook 11 is now available and it IS Vista and Windows 7 compatible.
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HTTrack. A website copier. Good stuff and free.
Is it possible to overload that?  -- I had tried using it once before, and it was at 18 hours (my computer is nowhere near old, just saying) in by the time I stopped it.  I should have left it go to see how long it was going to take, but geesh...18 hours... 


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Lots of variables. You might have it's settings too broad so it was hitting too many other links than what you wanted.

Your ISP might have throttled you as you can saturate your bandwidth with this tool. Or your speed is just plain slow.

The site you hit may have been throttled or exceeded it's service allotment.

But it's usually fairly quick though large sites can take a few hours.
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I dont know if this is relevant to your situation but I tend to just copy/paste any interesting info, recipes, techniques etc. to notepad and save to desktop.

Awhile ago I saved (in this manner) a post from a tech forum on how to make a couple of simple registry additions to put 'Copy to' & 'Move to' onto my right click so moving stuff around...from desktop to their appropriate quicker and  more efficient.

I've found it to be really convenient & is simple to follow and do but only if you are confident entering your registry...let me know if anyone wants the instructions & its ok to post here.

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