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What is the best type of potatoe for mashed potatoes? I've never paid much attention to the different types of potatoes and I think this must be why there's some inconsistency in the outcomes. All I know about potatoes is that the Idaho is the best baking potatoe (or so goes the popular saying in our family).



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The Idaho or Russet is generally considered the best mashing potato.

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Russets are very good -- bake them and scoop out the flesh. Very flaky. Yukon Golds are also good, but they tend to be wetter so you have to dry them out after you cook them (presumably steaming or boiling). Whichever you use, cook the potatoes with the skins on and peel after cooking (and cooking just enough to hold them).

And of course, whatever potatoes you use, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE MASHED POTATOES IN THE FOOD PROCESSOR!!! You will break the cell walls and get a gluey mess. :eek:
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Dirty redskin mashed potatoes are some of my favorites and my customers as well . Wash and steam the potatoes untill just done . throw them in your mixer with a wire whip and add butter ,
white pepper , salt and half and half and do not over mix . Tell em grandma taught you this one . Doug ...................................

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