Marshmallows with no eggs

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Ive been looking for advice on how to extend the shelf life of my marshmallows and had a search through the forum.

Only then did I realise people make marshmallows without egg whites, is this an American thing? I've only ever seen it made with a sugar syrup with gelatine poured into whipped egg whites.

Might try your version and see how it goes!
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I make marshmallows that are made by pouring syrup over melted gelatin, whipping until stiff.. Then mixing in two egg whites that have been whipped to stiff peaks (can be pasteurized whites, or reconstituted dry whites). I personally don't like just gelatin marshmallows. The ones with whites just seem more creamy, and melt much more nicely in hot chocolate. I also use them for s'mores and in ice cream. And, I've found I like these better that pouring gelatin/syrup into whipping whites.
I'm not sure how long you are wanting them to last, but as long as I can keep them dry, they last a couple weeks. I live next to the ocean, so it's a struggle.

Here is a link to a recipe:

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