Marrow bone ideas

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I got in some marrow bones about 2-3 inches in height last month had to put them in the freezer. I don't think the people of Charlotte are ready for marrow bones as we didn't sell a single one all weekend. I did the usual roasted bones with parsley salad (Ferguson). They really need to get used up as I need the freezer space.

I'm looking for uses that don't include the bone. Push out the marrow and what? I made a marrow compound butter and that didn't go over well either. I need something where they are incorporated but not the main attraction. 

I could just toss them into a stock, but that seems a little wasteful to do to something so delicious.

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They can be used as a filling in ravioli. Slices can be poached and used as a garnish. You can make Marrow Quennels. Can be tossed wih fancy pasta Hunter style. Can be used to flavor Polenta.
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poach the bones until the marrow is just loose enough to get out.  Cool completely and then smoke.  Then you can mount chunks of it in sauces (like you would butter)  or make a terrine with it.
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