Marinated garlic please help please!!!!

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i went to a mediterranean deli the other day and had some whole cloves of garlic in like an olive oil and marinade but the garlic is almost oudourless, i think there summat to do with leaving them in lemon juice for ages but i really havent got a clue how to do it i know its a long process but oh my god its worth it, the delis gone now so i wondered if anyone knew a recipe.......................please help!!!!!!

thanks :) :D
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This is confit garlic & real easy to make. Get whole heads of garlic unseperated & unpeeled. Warm enough olive oil to cover the heads add a sprig of thyme,orange peel,peppercorns & salt.when it is bubbling gently pur it over the heads n make sure they are covered completely in oil.Cover & put in a low oven until you can squeeze a clove easily out of its skin. Cool & pack in airtight sterilised jars.I suggest you make a large batch.
You can reheat these quite well in the microwave or oven.They go real nice with toasted bread & goats cheese except your friends will avoid you for a day or two.Enjoy.............
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