Marinade injectors

Marinade injectors do you use 'em?

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Do you use them? If so what do you like, or dislike about them.

Any other comments, thoughts, or issues with them?


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I have one I use occasionally.  They tend to limited by the hole size in the injection needle.  herbs, bits of garlic clog thme up.

It's best to prepare the injecyion early so it has some time for flavors  to permeate the liquid, then strain through cheesecloth before you inject.

forgive my typos, I'm on myxoom which is no fun to type or edit on. But otherwise very fun and useful.
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I will use them in a pinch.  If I have proper time to marinade or brine properly I will, otherwise I use an injector.  It's good enough, but I try to avoid it.  I don't like making mini tunnels for the wonderful natural juices to use as a highway out of the protein.

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