Marigold's in Madison

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I had brunch at Marigold's in Madison last Sat....great place!
lemon currant scones that actually had a tart sweet punch of flavor....most don't add zest or enough juice....this was wonderful.
The place was packed with a line going out the door....only open for breakfast and lunch M-Sat.
The french toast made with challah, mascarpone, berries and local syrup looked very fine, but I opted for the crab cakes, eggs, bacon and green salad.
The crab cakes had fresh corn and celery in them....yum....the rest was wonderful.
I would have liked to dine at Harvest but needed to head home.
Anyone eaten in Madison? There was an interesting deli on the way out of town with a merry go round in front of the building, did not stop but I watched it through the rear view mirrior for an awfully long time.
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Shroom, you mean Ella's Deli. It's okay for those of us who live far from authentic delis in New York and Chicago.

I live about 50 miles directly east of Madison. I read that you'd gone to the farmer's market on Capitol Square in Madison- I love that place! I toss a cooler and ice in my trunk and head out early on a Saturday morning. One of my favorite day trips!

I haven't eaten at Marigold, but I have eaten at the Blue Marlin. Excellent seafood, service and ambience. I admit it was some years ago, but I think it's still considered a good place.

Odessa Piper's L'Etoile is on the other side of the square from Marigold. She has a bakery downstairs and the main restaurant upstairs. She also runs a cooking school and will take students on visits to the farmer's market in season.
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I picked up cherry choc croissants at L'Etoile and had a cup of coffee....
Harvest next door to Odessa's is very much into local food, their whole menu is daily and reads soooo local.
It was a fun day. I enjoyed the early morning shopping way better than the crush at 10am


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My brother is a grad student in Madison so we make it down there quite often. Usually, though, when we eat out it is at all the cheap, ethnic places. It is the only place (so it seems) in WI to get good Thai, Indian, Afgani, and Himilayan food, which I miss terribly since leaving Chicago. I will definately have to check out these other places!!! Haven't tried Odessa Piper's place, but have been dying to. Hope to hit it soon. As for the Farmer's Market. It rocks!!! Unfortunately, with my schedule this year, I haven't made it down there often, but my wife does, bringing home all sorts of goodies, including a great Morel Mushroom Cheese and Shoofly Pie baked by a Mennonite couple.

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