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Another option is maybe gluten free?
Getting all the dieters and celiacs to join?
Or baking?
Why not go all the way with the gut-diet thing and exclude all foods high in lectin and digestively poor food combinations. You will still be able to include all the meat and saturated fat you want.
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Congratulations hank hank Well done! and thanks mike9 mike9 for being a great host.

Being in Florida with a lot of family up north, I have had a seemingly endless string of visitors for the last several weeks and will not get my house back until near the end of April. Thank God for booze.
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Oh my! Do they take over your kitchen too?
Not exactly, but it definitely hinders my available time in the kitchen. I had my sister in law, her boyfriend, and four teenage daughters (2 from each side) for the first two weeks. They love my cooking (and call me Uncle Sushi. LOL), but they had very specific meal requests that were not fit for last months challenge. Next came my in-laws where my mother is a great foodie, but my father-in-law is an old school mid-westerner that has a very limited and boring palette. On top of that, I had to work during the week, and we did touristy things on the weekend. So, no long cooks there. Now we have my parents, but all this running around got my immune system down. So now I've been in bed with the flu since Saturday. Hopefully I get an entry or two in toward the end of the month. Fingers crossed.
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