March 2016 Challenge - BEEF

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Beef has not been a monthly challenge yet so here we go!  Extra points for butchering a side of beef yourself.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif  
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Cool  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif  I love me some good beef.  
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Ha, ha, ha! (mean laugh). Beef Challenge to an Argentinean? Ha, ha, ha!

This will be a piece of cake. Wait..., a piece of beef.
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I wish it was that easy to butcher my beef. I would have to have a place to hang the sides for 28 days then an area to work on the sides. It's a hell of a lot easier to have it cut and wrapped for 58 cents a pound. The ground beef is also packaged in one and two pound packages. I have my beef in my freezer for one to two years with no problem with any freezer burn. This piece of meat was in the freezer for over a year. I'll post a picture of this 30 hour Sous Vide cooked Bottom round later. This bottom round is a cut from by Anugs/ Holstein Steer that was processed last December.

This is a braised Arm roast and then slow baked at 275 degrees for 5 hrs. 


This is the Bottom round cooked Sous Vide at 130 degrees for 30hrs. These are the cuts of meat I use for Sous Vide because it lets me have a top to bottom tender medium rare cooked piece of meat. I could never get this accomplished using dry heat with this cut of meat with no fat cap.

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Hmmm, and I just did wallanburgare. I think I may have an entree or two this month.
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And I made some beef nachos, but that was just before I read what this months'challenge was.
Forgot to take pictures
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And here I am, have just helped cut up a moose,(hit by car and put down by hunters) with 20 kilograms+ of meat for my efforts. Could I pass that off as beef?[emoji]128539[/emoji] No of course not but I'll buy some good Krav local beef or something imported and get a good entree or two. Damn I'm excited.
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