Marbled Chocolate Lava Cake

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Hiya all! New to this place, can't wait to get to know y'all. I got some white chocolate couverture sitting on the shelf w/o a use. I've been trying to adapt my Lava Cake recipe to use the white chocolate. My first problem is that the white choc & butter will not mix when melted, why is that. Next, when cooked, the outer wall is always too thin. Tried different oven temps, & reducing the sugar, but the outside always burns before it's cooked enough. When I tried mixing the white w/ the dark for marbled cake, as I expected, the 2 halves set differently. Also the molten center was a lil broken & looked terrible. Can anyone tell me why the white chocolate behaves differently? Or share a recipe that works w/ white choc.

This post seems legthy to me(sorry tend to do that sometimes). If you are interested, or if it helps I can post my recipe later.

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