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So I have been on this mango kick lately. I bought a couple and completely under ripe, hard and light yellow once cut. Does anyone have any suggestions how to store these under ripe slices? Are they quicker to ripen if left in the fridge or on the counter?
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Kristen...I would recommend storing any UNCUT ones on the counter, they will ripen. My experience has been any Mango's, stored in the frig, will not ripen significantly.
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If by ripen you mean allow to go partially bad until they are soft enough to be palatable then yes you can leave them on the counter, underripe mangoes make great chutney though and you can also simmer them in some simple syrup with citrus zest or berries and eat over ice cream for dessert or by themselves for breakfast mmm. maybe I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow with yogurt and granola, mangoes can be really good this time of the year.
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Mangoes in February!!? In Chicago? :eek:

I guess you could cook them, or make a mango shake?

Better if you could time your mango kick with the mango season though - they'd be cheaper, ripe, and better tasting.


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They're in season in South America. That's where a lot of fruits come from during our winters.
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Do you have a rice container? you can put it there with your hulled rice grains and it will ripen faster
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In India one thing they do with mangoes is they make it into fruit leather, I think with nothing added though I could be wrong, and eat it sprinkled with salt and powdered chili. Good stuff.

Have you tried mango lassi? Yum. How about homemade mango ice cream?
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They really haven't been bad here in Chicago. I've picked many good ones but got caught with some bad. They were 99 cents each which I don't think is that bad, so I got over zealous with the mangos.

elizabethbryce......rice? Interesting. Nice tip.
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YUM. Make the custard partly with coconut milk; add some sweetened coconut, a dash of sweet curry powder, freeze, and you've got a tasty dessert. :lips:
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Any opinions on Indian mango puree? It's sweetened & must be cooked at least somewhat, since it's canned, but I think it has terrific concentrated mango flavor. Can of coconut milk, some mango puree, some simple syrup & bit of lime juice, pop it in the ice cream maker.

I don't usually cook by opening cans, but that makes some astonishingly good ice cream.

(& not to protest too much but I spent a few kid-years in Hawaii with mango trees in the back yard)
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We live in Toronto...same wedda as the Windy City...Frozen mangoes from Costco are great and you don't have to cut...(where the **** is that pit ?)
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