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Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by thatchairlady, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. thatchairlady


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    I have an inexpensive plastic mandolin that actually works nicely... 3 different thicknesses for slice, a juilliene, and a "french fry" cuttin blade & guard-thingie to protect fingers.

    Was taking some things to donate to a local thrift store and of course browsed the place... never know what you're gonna find... and for cheap.  Came across a Cuisinart mandolin.  No guard.  Body mostly heavy black plastic... fold out "leg".  One blade that appears to have 2 sides... straight edge and waffle.  Messo tape over blade warning that it was SHARP!?!  Blade looked good... no nicks or gouges apparent.  Wasn't cruddy.  SO for $4, figured worth taking a chance.

    Went to Cuisinart's web site, but none of there models look like what I have... guessing mine is an older model.

    Anyone have a C-mandolin?