Mandarin Oranges and ?

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For some reason, mandarin oranges keep popping into my head, and it is driving me crazy that I can't think of flavors that would go well with them.

Sesame in some form seems like it would go well. I don't have a specific dish in mind, but it seems that the strong flavor and tartness might pose a combo problem.

Any creative ideas? Or things you have had or tried?

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savory...the old standard of spinach, red onions, mandrian oranges with a light vine.

sesame oil and seeds are good too

I like garlic or pumpkin with them also
Rich dark fowl....chicken legs/thighs, duck
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In the 'On Cooking' text there is a recipe for a mandarin orange and kiwi vinaigrette.
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Mandarin orange aioli on a slice of diakon with smoked breast of duck and topped with a segment, Nice passed Hdo..whipped sweet potatoes,seasoned with a mandarin compound butter, served with roast saddle of venison, topped with crispy leeks,mandarins and venison jus.
White chocolate-mandarin Creme brule.
black pepper seared foie gras over tat soi with a mandarin/green tea vinaigrette,Panko/macadamia Mahi with a thai mint and mandarin salad.spicy crab and cabbage spring roll with a pickled ginger-mandarin dipping sauce..
You can use tangirines/clemintines (when in season)to sub,Be aware that the skins of these fruits when cooked down become very bitter..Just a little tip.
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You all are great. Where would the world be without online communities?

To answer momoreg, I was curious about all types of dishes.

I am so new at this, and reading how you think makes me think in a more expanded way about food.

Garsh. :p



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Clementine and mandarine always makes me think of chocolate. This winter I found a recipe for a chocolate tart with caramelised clementine slices, it was to die for.

Other flavour ideas: coconut, olives, ginger, strawberry, honey, goat cheese, pomegranate, poppy seed, almond, white chocolate…
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Mandarin sweet and sour sauce for poultry, with red pepper flakes.

I have a hard time with sweet and meat together, but a lot of people like that.

Pistachio genoise with orange buttercream and bittersweet ganache.

Mandarin orange curd with scones and clotted cream.

How 'bout
Mandarin orange cheesecake with a sour cream, honey topping and caramelized orange segments.
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How about a saute of Shrimp and Scallops with some chopped onion, sweet peppers and garlic with the maderin orange segments, a little red pepper flakes in the end. Have a sauce made with the juice of the orange, some thinly sliced basil leaves, and slightly thickened with cornstach as if making a glaze, adjust the flavor with lemon juice, salt, and sugar if needed. At the end add enough sauce to the pan to glaze the shrimp and scallops and garnish with some toasted, sliced almonds and thin sliced scallions or chopped parsley! I usually like this with some rice noodles and some snap or snow peas.
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Nick.shu, that sounds delicious, do you have a recipe for the mandarin, ginger and garlic glaze, that you'd be willing to share ?.
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