Managing Anger in the Kitchen

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My neuroticism gets the best of me in the kitchen. I tend to explode when one of my staff members puts me in a unnecessary situation. When I have to repeat myself multiple times so a cook understands what to do, but still does it wrong. When a foh staff rushes my team, or when they go straight and ask them to cook something without asking me. The moment when my view of perfection or slight perfection gets broken and it shatters my balance to try to fix it back. To try and get that composure back drives me into an angry rampage and sadly no one is safe from my cold and bitter responses. Its something i'm working on.

really gotta check that timestamp. 10 year old thread, but a very good read.
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What really triggers me is my compeptuous boss. He's not the exec chef but he is the biggest POS I've ever met. I can't trust him with his help because I know that he'll just sheet on my work. It's even more insulting when he says he "understands" during performance reviews because I know he doesn't mean a fucking word of it. HR hasn't helped, the exec chef is too fucking nice. I can't get out of my department and I can't win. That is what drives me.

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