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I own a 40 seat fast-casual eatery in Georgia, I want to promote a full-time hourly employee to a salaried manager working 46 hours per week.  What do you guys think is a fair starting salary for this position? I have a number in mind, but I need some opinions.

His duties will include supervising 2-3 employees at any given time, inventory, and general day-to-day operation of the restaurant while I'm not there. 
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What do you pay him now by the hour?  HE WILL NOW PROBABLY PUT IN A LOT MORE HOURS.  It should not be to hard to figure on your part, just be fair.
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Just a word of caution, if his salary is no more than $455 a week he will be entitled to overtime pay (based on his computed hourly rate).
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So you can't use tips to help pay him/her. A lot of places try to get away with that for foh mangement but it is illegal most places. Just ask jean georges
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Chefs in other cities won't be much help in determining what you should pay. You should look in the same places your employee will look for comparisons, in your local job listings. They are going to want to get paid what they would be paid at a comparable restaurant in your area, not what someone across the country will pay them. You can also search for comparisons, but give more weight to your local job listings.

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