Man can cook!

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Hi, my name is Sin Ee Wang. I am a fourth year industrial design student at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am conducting a study for my project research on the male user’s behaviour in kitchen and the ways to encourage the male user to participate in cooking.

I am finding ways and means to improve the relationship of the family by prepare their meal together.
any suggestion ? Thanks in advance! :)
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I don´t know how you handle things downunder, but here in Germany many men do cook already.

As for my personal situation, the relationship of the family was as good as could be as long as I could avoid my wife entering the kitchen. Now that I am divorced and no female enters our (my son´s and my) kitchen, our relationship is perfect! :D

Just kidding.

Frankly, I happen to know quite a couple of women / wives that do not cook at all but leave cooking to their husbands / friends. Of course I didn´t divorce for culinary reasons, but I feel better now the kitchen is enterely mine (and knowing what my successor is forced to eat - my ex-wife really doesn´t know how to cook :D ). My son - who is at the age of 14 now - doesn pretty much of the cooking already and develops to become a pretty good cook (okay, I won´t compare our cooking to the professional chefs around here).

Hope this helps

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Welcome to Chef Talk, sinE wang. Your project looks intriguing. I suggest you post this in "The Late Night Cafe" forum, as more people will see it and respond.

Here in the welcome forum we'd love to learn more about your own culinary interests and other activities that keep you busy. What local ingredients do you enjoy using?

We'll look forward to your posts!

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Dear all, once again thanks for your feedback in this discussion! There all very helpful in my study!

I am just curious about how to make a guy more confidence in cooking?

What is the main difference between male and female in cooking? I am surprise that there is 8 out of 10 professional chef are male! (Example like Jamie Oliver, Antonio Carluccio, Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Loyd Grossman and etc.)

Can men really cook better than women? If they do, why there is only 49 % of male involve in food preparation and cooking (in Australia)? What is the major reason that men participate in cooking at home (domestic)? Can all the men help me out here as well! :p

I really appreciate your valuable input in this discussion! Have a nice day! :-D
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Dear all,

My sincerest appreciation for your participation and valuable input. You may contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]
If you have any questions regarding this survey of is your would like an update on the development of my project.

The questionnaire is strictly for the academic purposes and all the information will be kept anonymous and secrecy of the person and firm will not be passed on to any other firm or organisation.

Please Click on the link below to take the survey.

Best regards,
SinE Wang
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