Making this in advance of Christmas Day??

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I would be very thankful for assistance with the following.

On Christmas Day, I have previously used this video by Gordon Ramsay which has made a lovely gravy;-

This gravy turned out superb but it was quite a rushed affair and prepared at a time when the turkey is cooling prior to being served and I have to be mindful of the vegetables..

This year I want to make life easier for myself and wish to consider making Ramsay's reciepe 2 days in advance and storing it in a container in the fridge for reheating on Christmas Day.

The only differences will be I will not be using the flavoured but oily juices extracted from the turkey cooking process and the onion and lemon will not have come from the roasted turkey either.  However, I will certainly be frying the giblet pack to add flavour and am also considering removing the wings of the turkey and cooking them 2 days in advance and adding these to the gravy.

Preparing the gravy 2 days in advance will give me alot more time to perfect things, give me more control and prevent me getting flustered at the very busy stage of the dinner.

I would be thankful for thoughts on how the final gravy will compare in terms of flavour and if there will be any risk of the gravy going wrong at the point of reheating / serving.


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