Making Sausage

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I wanted to experiment making many different sausages and am looking for recipes. Anyone have some ideas?
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One of those things I keep telling myself I'll get to, but ...

Anyway, I've collected books that could be helpful to you:

American Charcuterie by Victoria Wise published by Viking in 1986. ISBN 0-670-80843-1

Book of Sausages by Antony & Araminta Hippesley Coxe ISBN 0-575-05812-9 (this one is a British paperback, 2nd revision of an earlier book -- but it has recipes from all over)

British Charcuterie by Jennie Reekie (1988) ISBN 0-7063-6680-8 (another British book, just for regional British recipes)

Wish I could endorse specific recipes, though.
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Take a look at some of Bruce Aidell's books; he may have have one devoted to sausage making. I love his recipes-detailed, informative, fun and written by a real meat lover.

Isn't sausage one of those things you don't want to see being made--along with tax law?
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The problems with most of the books on the market is that they contain recipes, but not many, if any pictures. For some illustrated instruction, try a selection of easy French sausages I posted on my web page.

Depending on where you reside, getting supplies locally may be easy or it may be difficult.
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