Making Non tomato sauces for pasta???

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Question 1: How do I make a garlic butter sauce for a garlic butter pasta with pan seared chicken?

Question 2: How do I make it into a garlic butter cream sauce (Is is just adding some cream) for a similar dish?

Question 3: I'm looking for a light pasta dish with a lot of flavor and is healthier to feed to my parents who are traditional southern cooks.  I want to expand their options some, but it needed to be really good, and not to crazy.  What do you guys recommend?

Most of my cooking skills focus on southern dishes with a few things that I've learned other places, but I really want to expand my culinary world and my skills.  I surprised my mother because I took her old chilly recipe and did some research and overhauled it to give it more flavor and just improve it some.  She loved it and now we make chilly with my recipe now.  So I'm looking to learn completely new dishes as well as to overhaul the family recipes by keeping the good and improving on what I can.
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There are loads of vegetable pasta dishes. 

take a cauliflower head, break it into flowerets, and cut those that are over a 1/2 inch wide into quarters.  Take three or four garlic cloves, sliced.  Put a good 1/8 of an inch of olive oil in a heavy frying pan with the garlic, and some hot red pepper flakes if you like them.  Put heat on low and let them start to cook without browning.  Add the cauliflower and stir, cover and cook over low until the cauliflower is very tender, falling apart.  Stir occasionally so the side that's down doesn't burn. 

Cook short pasta like penne or rigatoni, and when done immediately mix thoroughly with the pasta.  Add a couple of handfuls of parmigiano. 

You can also do Zucchine the same way, or alternatively, grate zucchine and cook in crushed garlic and oil till soft. 

Or you can sautee garlic (three or four cloves) in oil, then add a can or two of tuna (dark meat) and cook a few minutes and mix with the pasta. 
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Pesto Ideas are never ending, I do a Cajun sausage Blackened Chicken Linguine. Most all of these type recipes are olive oil based, this is also a good way of entering fresh Herbs and spices......Chef BillyB
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1) i would suggest adding some clarified butter to some finely diced onions that have been cooked till soft in a little of the butter with some garlic, tarragon, and seasoning and then tossing the cooked pasta through together with the sauce

2) you might want to try infusing a whole garlic bulb cut in half with some reduced dry white wine and double cream, seasoning, herbs etc. no need to add any extra butter because double cream has a high fat content already.

sometimes i just cook pasta in wine, stock, herbs, spices, and add such things as cooked vegetables and meat and serve it in a bowl with some of the cooking liquid as a kind of sauce

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