Making new carrer move, but which one?

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Hey chefs

I have been working as a student for 2.5 year and still got 1 year to go. I'm gonna finish my education, but not go to be a chef afterwards.

Yje chef life is not me. I'm 20 and every morning i feel like crap , at work i'm not the smartest and another few things. This life is just not cut for me.

When i'm off work, i watch tv / go to fitness / Play online games with my brother. Computers i like very much.
I have never work in a office before or in a shop either.

Maybe i should just take 1 year brake and find out what i should. Talk to somebody and work in shops.
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Sounds like a good idea. Take a break, explore other options.  Working in the kitchen is tough work even if you enjoy it- no point in doing it if you don't, especially since the money isn't great.  You will probably work for fifty years, no point in spending your life doing something you don't like.
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One piece of advice....if you can cobble all your credit hours into a degree, please do so.

If you are just short of getting the sheepskin then take advantage of one (or two) of the (reputable) higher learning sites and finish at home in your boxers if you have to.

Doesn't have to be in hospitality.... I have found that a business degree can open doors no matter what you choose to do in the end.

Just IME....


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I was an architecture major in college in my 4th year of a 5 year program when I decided it wasn't quite right for me. I decided to take a break from school for a few months until I could figure out what I wanted to change my major to, plus I was burned out from having been like 12 straight quarters.

My roomate's brother was opening a restaurant at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park and he offered me a dishwashing job along with room and board. I figured perfect, that will help to give me breathing room until I can figure out my change in major. So I went off to be a park rat, hike, climb, and backpack.

I fell in love with the controlled chaos that is the I didn't make a conscious decision to make this my career until I was already 10 years in and I came to the realization "Hey...I am doing what I like...I don't need to figure out what to do with the rest of my life!"

Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and let go. What we are looking for...will find us.
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Thank u so much for the advices guys. I can also find guidness at this page :(

I'm in doubt about what i should do next. I live in copenhagen and there are my jobs in any kind :)

Should i talk to somebody ?
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