Making hot sauce - Tapatio/Cholula type of hot sauce

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    Hi, first time posting here.

    I make all kinds of salsa (verde, chipotle, etc) where you typically use fresh ingredients and either roast them and they all end up in the blender, or pico de gallo where everything is mostly chopped.

    I'm VERY interested in making the kind of hot sauce you find in a bottle, similar to Cholula, Tapatio, etc, where there are no chunks, almost always uses vinegar, and there are usually tiny grains of peppers/chiles in the sauce rather than chunks. Additionally, these sauces don't need to be refrigerated after opening or making like the ones above.

    It seems it would normally require quite a bit of dried red chiles, the rest and ratios of vinegar, water, etc I just can't seem to find online recipes for. Anyone with experience to share would be great. I want to make it, put in bottles and give to friends.