Making Hollandaise

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I started a new job last week in a 4star hotel with 1AA Rosette. .. nothing new, 3 years ago I was working in the same kind of hotel.

before, i never had to make hollandaise sauce on my section either until now. ..  I walk in to find the sous chef has put Ham Hock Terrine with Asparagus, Tomato jelly, watercress, and hollandaise sauce as a special on the menu. 

I know the ingredients, the general method and process of making the hollandaise, but never really put it into essential practice before. 

good to say that i sufficed and made hollandaise both shifts without it splitting. quite proud of the fact too.
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You could eat the most awsome and complex food, and still go back and get enjoyment from garnishing your breakfast with a simple hollandaise.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif
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