Making fusilli pasta.

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Hi all,

I never really used my membership here and hope someone may be able to help me. I have googled this and come up with nothing. Well, I found the fusilli irons that Marcato sells and that's it. How do you make this pasta by yourself? How are the irons used? Anyone know?

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Make pasta dough. Roll it out (preferably with a pasta roller like an Atlas or the KA roller attachment). Cut it into strips (ideally with a pasta cutter, as an attachment to the roller). Wrap the strips around the irons so each strip is a helix. Let them dry long enough to hold their shape, then withdraw the irons. Break or cut the resulting helices into appropriate lengths.



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The commercial stuff is extruded. This gives you some shape options that are more work to achieve with home hand techniques.
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I see. I was curious because I have been getting more and more into making as much of my home cooked food from as scratch as I can. I bought a food mill and wish to **** that I had bought one a long time ago as I am having the time of my life with it. I made some tom paste earlier and got to thinking about how, in all the years I worked as a cook I had never once made my own pasta. Sad, really. So I have been reading up on pasta makers and whatnot and came across the fusilli rods. I may end up trying this.
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