Making Cochinita Pibil at home?

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I am making Cochinita pibil at home, and I am basically using Robert Rodriguez's basic recipe  and cooking a pork shoulder in the oven wrapped in banana leaves, but I also want to add some smoke flavor and some texture. What would the best way to achieve this be? I am not opposed to liquid smoke, but I would rather do something else. Perhaps sear the meat for a few minutes on a charcoal grill with a couple wood chunks on top of the coals? I've also heard that you can brown/caramelize the banana leaves a little before wrapping the pork. Thoughts? Experiences? Other general tips with this dish?


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What do you mean by texture? The meat should be very tender and juicy. I didh't watch the recipe link so I don't know that the recipe needs tweaking to achieve the proper results.
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    Hi Mingus,

   I didn't watch the video, but I did look up the recipe.  Personally, I wouldn't add liquid smoke...but that's me.  The banana leaves offer a real nice flavor that's just different enough to satisfy your taste buds.  If you want some smoke flavor I would either do, as you suggest and brown the outside on a grill with some wood chunks, or you could add your favorite variety of smoked pepper (chipotle or...).

   but standing as won't be short on flavor.

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