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So I am a self admited chocoholic, last year going to the international chocolate show in NYC really changed my life. Since then I got fresh cacao beans, just to mess with. I also started using cacao nibs quite a bit more. I always liked to use cocoa powder and mix it with sweeteners to make a fudge or something. Cocoa powder + honey = yumminess. Anyway I just recently started buying cacao paste\liquor and cacao butter and making my own chocolate bars by melting the stuff in a low temp double boiler adding whatever to it (agave nectar, honey, sugar, sea salt, ground nibs, ground peanuts, peanut butter, etc…) Anyway its so much fun I just wanted to share I never new how easy it was to make chocolate bars. I brought some into work today to share with some of my customers and they all really loved it! This was only my 4[sup]th[/sup] attempt but a vast improvement from the first and second. The hardest part I find is waiting for the chocolate to cool down and get to solid bar form. Does anybody else have any experience making chocolate like this or any other form?

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I am also chocolaholic. But my main reason for making my own choc is  because of high frutose corn syrup, msg, aspartame etc and its ill affect on health, All though I have not attempted chocolatring as a profession I have made all kinds of combination with choc ,dipped fruit, mousse, candy bars, choco syrup, choco pies, on and on. I feel ya
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Work with it every day.

Lots of books and information on it, and it is a pretty intereting and complicated subject.  Cocoa butter is "poly-morphic", meaning it has 6 distinct stages, all affected by temperature, with only two stages being stable.

I;m confused with all the corn syrup and crap.  Chocolate only contains coca liquor/cooca mass, sucrose or sugar, cooca butter, vanilla, and soy lecethin.  Anything else is pure garbage
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I have been having a lot of fun with this lately finding that mini cup cake things work great as molds. Also the double boiler can even get to hot I feel. I am not sure I follow you about cocoa butters 6 stages, but will research it quite a bit now. The hardest part is still waiting for them to cool.

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