Making Bread Crumbs

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I have an almost unlimited source for day old bread of various types and plan to use some of it for making bread crumbs to be used in meat loaf, meat balls, in gratins, and to use in larger chunks for croutons and in salads and soups.

What's the best format for using crumbs in meat loaf and meat balls - fresher crumbs or older, drier crumbs?  Does it matter much in gratins?


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i make fresh bread daily and on occasion i make breadcrumbs from any bread that is left over or been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days.

bread that is a couple of days old would be perfect to use as breadcrumbs, any bread that is older than four days should be thrown away imo.

i get best results making breadcrumbs by dry baking 1cm diced croutons until lightly golden and completely dried out, then blitz them through a food processor. put them in a dry airtight container and they will keep well for months.

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