making Bourride this friday

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Hi everyone, so I am not a professional cook but I do cook quite often at home and for friends. This Friday I am making Bourride with fish only. I must mention that I keep a kosher kitchen so Ive decided to use Sea bass. 

I also decided to add a twist on bourride and pouch the fish in olive oil before serving on the soup.

how long do I poach a 6 ounce fish filet in the olive oil and can I add all filets at the same time in the oil? my question on adding all fillets its in order to not be away from my guests for too long. Also do you think I can make one day ahead the bourride soup without the fish of course to save some time? I mean adding the rouille to the broth and everything a day in advance?
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Poaching fish in olive oil to then serve it in a water-based broth (fumet) doesn't sound like a good idea. In a Bourride (as in most dishes cooked in liquid), flavors are exchanged between the veggies, the broth and the fish. That exchange of flavors is what creates the depth of flavor of the final dish: that's what gives it its magic. Lose that and you lose the essence of the dish. If you cook the fish on its own and then later add it to the fumet, then the fish won't taste of the fumet, and the fumet won't taste of the fish. 

If I were to poach a fish in olive oil, then I wouldn't serve it with a fumet. 

So basically I would suggest you either poach the fish in olive oil, OR make a bourride - not both. 
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Thank you so much for your advice :) I actually got the idea off of Chef Michael Mina who made bourride in this unusual way, he is a celebrity chef from Cairo. but maybe you are right, maybe the fish wont have any of the good flavor of the fumet. any advice though on the ammount of time a fish filet needs to be poched in oil if its 6 ounces? also besides the usual veggies served in a bourride, what other side dishes would you recommend serving with it? I know its a meal of its own, but id like to serve something extra.

bellow is the picture of Chef Michael's Mina twist on Bourride :) yumm
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Wow I love learning new things and I've never heard of a bourride until now. A quick google search brought up this recipe and I can't wait to try it I think my husband will want to divorce me just so he can marry me all over again if I make him something like this.

So here's what's interesting. Since bourride traditionally has aioli in the broth l, which I assume adds unctuousness then I think olive oil poached fish may indeed compliment this dish. Like I said I never ate not made this but aioli is rich and I think it can handle the pile poached fish. Could be wrong though.
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Dear Koukouvagia, thank you so much for the input :)  Indeed because of the aioli and or/rouille I decided to go for the poached fish in oil...I think I will give it a try on friday, I have a feeling that it will be amazing. I am thinking of adding a crispy slice of the fish skin on top just to add some texture and cool decoration :) and I will tell you all how it turned out. unfortunately they dont allow to post pictures here otherwise I would post a picture of my dish :) I love that recipe on your link! if you make it please let me know how it turned out for you and if your hubby like it. 

so now that you've read the recipe...any suggestions for appetizers?

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