Making a list of regional specialties

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We need to check on the origin of scrapple. but hay, give it to Philly.:bounce:
How bout Ringers. Field dressed Dove. Jalapeno in the middle of the breast and wrap with bacon. Right into the fire.
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Oh Yeah! While I still have a mind....

Until you have had a "Spamwich Hawaiian Style" You ain't lived. LOL!
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Since you have given south Louisiana its own status, which it deserves, then I must throw in this traditional southern delight and a customer favorite at our place in North Louisiana - Grits and Grillades.
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are you looking for regional WORLD cooking? That's a whole nother story. I think you would need to publish an encyclopedia - there are so many countries, and so many local regional cuisines within those countries. Italy, alone, small as florida, has dozens of regional cuisines. Even the mix they sell of fresh vegetables cut up and cleaned for minestrone at the outdoor markets in rome varies from neighborhood to neighborhood!
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Loco Moco (2 scoops rice, 2 scoops mac salad, 2 eggs any, 2 hamburger steaks, and gravy)
Various other Plate Lunches (lmao)
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Grits and Grillades. Actually are Creole.....
Northern Louisiana, where are you Fairfieldchild? I lived in DeRidder for 3 years.....there was very little indigenous food from that area that was memorable. Cajun Country is different than New Orlean's Creole.....what you find in the Bayou is difficult to find in the city. And when you start going west to Lake Charles the food changes dramatically from Cajun.....I lived in Baton Rouge for 12 years and again it was not the bayou and certainly not New Orleans food.
So, yeah 70 miles made that much difference.

St. Louis was founded by the french and had a huge Germanic population....
it's still fairly prevasive. There was also an Irish contingency, Chinese and then SE Asian....and one of the great areas ever is "The Hill"....Italian small grocery stores, bakeries, sandwich's pretty exclusively Italian....word was for years it was the safest area in STL and if you wanted to buy a house in the Hill, you had to be of Italian descent....and it wasn't that long ago.

Paul Prudhomme puts a scoop of potato salad in his gumbo. reminds me of the locomoco, now that just reads nasty....mac salad, rice, eggs, hamburger, gravy.....ugh.

When I think of scrapple I think Penn. Dutch.....
Texas has brisket BBQ with white bread and pickles, that's specific to Texas.
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When I think of scrapple I think Penn. Dutch.....
Texas has brisket BBQ with white bread and pickles, that's specific to Texas.[/QUOTE]

That would be texas toast which is about an inch thick. Good TX. BBQ always has white beans
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Southeast Georgia

Vidalia Onions cooked fried, grilled, roasted, you name it, even in dessert pies!
Collard, mustard, turnip greens and kale
Sweet potatoes!
Peach pies, cobblers, jellies, and my favorite, Pickled Peaches
Pit cooked BBQ (Stinson's BBQ, Lumber City, GA or Carter's BBQ Vidalia, GA restaurants)
Fried Chicken
Butterbeans.....not lima beans.....white butterbeans, colored butterbeans, speckled butterbeans
Peas........blackeyed, purple hull, big boys, etc.
Field corn cooked as cream corn with butter, salt and pepper in the oven. YUMM!
Homemade biscuits
Crunchy, lacey cornbread fried on a cast iron skillet
Fried Catfish
Fried Okra, okra cooked in peas, okra cook in cornmeal in a cast iron skillet, stewed tomatoes with okra and sometimes corn.
Squash, fried or stewed with onions
Fresh shrimp caught off the Georgia coastline
Brunswick Stew

I'm sure I could think of more that we ate there while I was growing up!

I live in Indiana now. Some things I learned to eat in the past 8 years:

goulash (hamburger, macaroni, tomatoes, corn, and whatever else you throw in the large skillet or stock pot)
Sweet corn............I still prefer field corn. lol
Hawaiian Brats.......a local specialty
Coney Island hot dogs
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if you could enlighten me more about Grits and Grillades and also Hawiian Brats....THANKS!!

im sure we can think of more for egg cream. I added yours plus a few of my own I just thought of... heres the list so far...YES were just keeping it limmited to the US of A. thanks and keep it up!

St. Louis : toasted Ravioli, St. Paul's Sandwich.....egg foo young on white bread with mayo, lettuce and american cheese (served at cheap Chinese restaurants),Gooey buttercake.....yellow cake with gooey chewy good-bad as it sounds. Snoots, grilled pig noses, Ted Drewes concretes, Pork Steaks
Kentucky: hot brown, mint juilep, burgoo,Derby Pie, Benadictine
St Simons Island GA: Fried Lobster tail
Philadelphia :cheese steaks, Hot Pretzels, scrapple
Chicago: deep dish, Italian beef, Chicago dogs
Maryland: Crabs
Texas: Sweet Potato Pie, Dump Cake, Dr. Pepper Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Corn Bread.
Biscuits and white gravy, red eye gravy, scrapple. Huevos Ranchero. Chips and Salsa, 7 layer dip, Queso, Frito Pie. BBQ, Squeelers, Parisa, Fried Turkey. Corny Dogs, Chicken Fried Steak, Okra, brisket BBQ with white bread and pickles
N. Carolina: Pulled Pork
Maine: Lobster
Kansas City: KC too. Concretes @ Sheridans, BBQ
Southeast Georgia: Vidalia Onions ,Collard, mustard, turnip greens and kale
Sweet potatoes, Peach pies, cobblers, jellies, and my favorite, Pickled Peaches
Pit cooked BBQ (Stinson's BBQ, Lumber City, GA or Carter's BBQ Vidalia, GA restaurants), Fried Chicken, Butterbeans (white, colored, speckled ) Peas.(blackeyed, purple hull, big boys), Homemade biscuits, cornbread fried on a cast iron skillet, Fried Catfish, Fried Okra, Fresh shrimp caught off the Georgia coastline, Brunswick Stew
Key West: conch Fritterss, key line pie, coconut stick
Indiana: goulash (hamburger, macaroni, tomatoes, corn),Sweet corn, Hawaiian Brats, Coney Island hot dogs
Michigan: cherries, pasties
Beaufort SC: east coast white shrimp
South Carolina: Bar-be-que, macaroni pie, collard greens, green beans, fat back, bacon
cornbread, homemade biscuits, sweet potato pies, catfish and crappie deep fried, pound cake
Alaska: Salmon, King Crabs, Reindeer Sausage, Halibut
Upstate NY : "Garbage Plates"
Western NY : beef on Weck. Hot beef and gravy on a kimmelwick roll sometimes with onions, mushrooms and cheese Ground Steak Sandwiches, home made root beer at Tom Wahls in Avon and Fried Haddock.
San Francisco: Cioppino, Sourdough & Anchor Steam
Buffalo. Home of the original Buffalo wings at Anchor Bar
Florida: Stone Crabs
Iowa: Braised short ribs, briskets, pork chops, corn chowder, corn anything with lots of potatoes. Meat meat meat. Pies pies pies
Reading Pa.: Pretzels & Funnel Cakes, Scrapple
Long Island: Pizza
Wisconsin: Beer, brats, cheese, cranberries,Fried Cheese Curds, kringle pastry from Racine! Green Bay booya, Frozen Custard from (Leons, Gilles, Kopps, and Kitt's)
Vermont: Vegetarian and breads
Maui -- poki, taco (squid), fresh ahi, mahi-mahi, Portuguese bean soup, looompia, lomi lomi, Maui Purple Potatoes, Spamwich Hawaiian Style, Loco Moco (2 scoops rice, 2 scoops mac salad, 2 eggs any, 2 hamburger steaks, and gravy), POG juice!
Mendocino County -- abalone, crabbing, Mendocino Brewing Company
NJ Boardwalk: Pizza and Saltwater Taffy
Montana: Huckleberry baked goods of any kind. Game meat prepared any way
So. California: fish tacos, real tacos, shredded meat chilli, rellenos, chunky stewed meat burritos
NYC: Pastrami at the Carnegie deli, Egg Cream
Minnesota: Lutefisk
Quebec: Smoked Meat , Steak Spices (always best on bone-in rib steaks, probably most Montrealers' favorite cut of steak),Bagels (best from 24-hour bagel shops),Tourtiere,
Poutine, French Canadian Pea Soup, Steamed Hot Dogs, Sugar Pie, Feves au Lard (baked beans),Anything "a l'erable" (with maple syrup), May West & Jos. Louis (snack cakes)
Whippets (marshmallow & chocolate cookies)
Ontario: Italian Veal Sandwiches, Butter Tarts
Miami: Cuban sandwiches
Washington DC :white bean pie
Cincinnati: Skyline Chilli
Oklahoma: Fried Catfish with Fried Onion Rings with Fried Okra
Southern bayou Louisiana aka Cajun Country.....boudin, andouille, a lot of various pork sausages, couchon de la (whole pig roast), gumbos, jambayla,has buttermilk pie
North Louisiana - Grits and Grillades
New Orleans: Muffelattas , Pat O's Hurricanes, Prailines, Cafe au lait, Beignets
Massachusetts - lobster and clam chowder, the white stuff, boston baked beans (with molasses), Indian pudding, brown bread (the steamed kind), Quahogs. FRIED CLAMS!!!
Seattle: Seafood, Salmon, Dungeness crab, Fish and Chips, apples, berry desserts,
teriyaki shops everywhere, COFFEE,FRIED CLAMS at Ivar's Acres of Clams
Oregon: Hazelnuts and Berries
Australia:Meat Pies (like ground meat Swanson pies with gravy), Pie floaters (meat pies in a pea soup), Pumpkin soup, Hamburgers with "the lot": pineapple, cheese, beetroot, egg, etc., Pasties (vegetable pies), Toast with beans, Vegemite, Fried egg sandwiches. (hard fried egg) ,Vanilla slice, Pavlova, Ham and pineapple anything.
Guatemala:pepian (chicken in a lovely mild chili gravy with potato & chayote squash)
Tortiadas (stuffed grilled handmade tortillas with either a cotija cheese or chicharone, lightly soured cabbage and sauces), Whole fried fresh mojara (Tilapia), Garlic soup
Whole chicken rubbed in bullion and deep fried in peanut oil
South Africa: Boboti, koeksusters, boerewors, biltong, melktert.

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Panini_what's a squeeler?

New Orleans....callas (fried breakfast rice ball), blackened ham on biscuit, actually blackened anything came from Paul Prodhomme beans and rice, Natichodis (sp?) meat pies
Crawfish boils in the bayou

Santa Fe....chilis, lots of chilis

Doesn't Brooklyn have black and white cookies?
chicago has their own pizza

Actually STL has a thin crust (cracker crisp) pizza with provel which is a processed cheese that sticks to your's one of those things you have to grow up eating....ugh.

We still have pretzel men in the middle of the median on weekends selling salted pretzel rods 2 for $1. There were numerous old world pretzel makers just years ago.....the small rye seeded salted ones were special.
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G -- LOL Hana Loco Moco Sunday mornings with my Aunti Alberta... darn that brings me back <sigh> yeah, I miss it big.

Forgot salty plum!
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Ok, here's my Louisiana breakdown:

New Orleans (Creole) - Red Beans and Rice, Seafood Jambalaya, Boiled Crabs, Softshell Crabs, Beignets, Grits and Grillades, Trout Amandine, Muffaletta, Po'Boy Sandwich, Bloody Mary...

Cajun Country (Southwest, incl. Lafayette and Lake Charles) - Smothered Rabbit, Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya, Crawfish Etoufee, Gumbo with potato salad, Roast Pork and Rice Dressing, Boudin, Anouille, Turducken, Duck and Andouille Gumbo...

All of South Louisiana - Gumbo, Jambalaya, Boiled Crawfish, Fried Seafood, Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving, Oysters, Catfish, Shrimp


Margaritas, Enchiladas, Tacos, Chips and Salsa, Fajitas, Chile Relleno, Huevos Rancheros, Shiner Bock Beer, BBQ Brisket, smoked food..


Chain Restaurants, Cuban Food and Grouper Sandwiches!

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Squeelers are only the best burger ever!! Use bacon when grinding the meat or add to chopped beef. Just be careful, squeelers can become flamers if you're not careful.:lol:
This is how popular they are. Homecoming dinner before the dance, could'nt make up their minds. a 5 course gourmet dinner or Squeelers and homemade rootbeer. I'm grindin the squeelers today:D
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This is a great thread. I can't help but to think we are helping get the base research for a book.:lol:
TONY!!! Cuban Sandwiches, Fish Tacos!!! I'm drooling!!!
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I've been racking my brain :crazy: trying to come up with a contribution for Los Angeles! But FINALLY I've got a few:

Cobb Salad: invented in 1937 at the Brown Derby
California Roll: early 1960s to make sushi less scary for white folks
The French Dip Sandwich: Philipes's, of course
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GREAT thread!

I get hungry every time I read it. :roll:

Keep it going.


back later... it's dinnertime.
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I didn't know that, learned something new! I work in Shreveport but live in Keithville, out in the country. BTW, what did you do to serve time in DeRidder! LOL Have a few college buddies from there.

For the last few days I have been trying to think of a food that is indigenous to Shreveport and for the life of me can't come up with a single one. Seems everything we eat here came from somewhere else.
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