Making A Crystal Clear Broth

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    I make pretty good broth, but I'm trying to make crystal clear broth using the instructions out of the "Joy of Cooking". I've made a ton of wontons that are in my freezer and want the clear broth for those.  It was a failure today.

    I started last night with raw wings and chicken feet.  I never brought it to a boil and let is lightly simmer for about 6 hours, ran it through the cheese cloth and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I skimmed of all of the fat and ended up with a really good gelatin. No fat was left at all.

    I then followed the JOC method, which is mixing the beaten egg whites with the egg shell in the cold broth and then slowly brining the broth to a simmer for 15 minuets (never stirring!) and letting it cool for an hour before removing the egg white raft.

    Here is where the problem happened. As soon as I removed the egg white raft, I saw that the broth was indeed clear, but about half of the egg whites had settled at the bottom.  As I ran the broth again through the double cheese cloth,the egg whites mixed with the broth and were ao small they made it through the double cheese cloth.  

    I'm left with cloudy broth-clouded with egg! What did I do wrong? I feel like I'm trying to grow a baby here.
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    You must ladle the broth from your pot into the cheese cloth. Do not pour it directly from the pot into the cloth. Take your time and try not to disturb the raft or what may has settle to the bottom. And don't press down on any of the solids(egg whites, bits of animal product, etc. while they are in the cheese cloth.
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    I love this Michel Roux video making Consommé Royale. There're some hints as how to get a crystal clear consommé.

    As I remember, our excellent cook and companion here in CT, petals, made an amazing version some months ago.
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