Make-ahead ideas needed, please

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We're going to be hosting an informal get-together next Sunday at our home at 2 p.m. People are bringing a sweet or snack to pass, but I'd like to have something out of the ordinary. Since I'll be busy teaching religious school until noon that day, I want to make this at least a day ahead and freeze or chill it.

I thought of making little phyllo pastries with a sweet filling, freeze them and bake just before the guests arrive. Any ideas for fillings that will freeze? I'd wanted to make an apple strudel filling, but I'm thinking the apples will get soggy if not cooked first.

Or, would a cheesecake freeze? For how long? Any recipes that you like for this use?

Thanks for your help!
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All the items you mentioned work frozen. Apples will cook in the pastry, let them sit out 20 min before baking. Cheese cakes freeze beautifully, just let thaw in the frig over night!
most any phyllo filling will freeze and my mother swears by manacotti, make ahead, fill freeze, bake when needed. ( creps filled with ricotta, line them up in a hotel pan <or disposable tin tray with 3 inch sides> like sardines, sauce with tomato sauce of choice.cover with foil and freeze)

also fine frozen, flourless chocolate cake, brownies, puff pastry goodies, eclair shells>fill to order!
You can also find hours d'ouvers (sp) in the freezer section of the grocery store.
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A variation on cheesecake that freezes well, is to line mini muffin pans with a cookie crumb crust, and bake cheesecakes in the pan. Frezze them after they cool, and gently heat the exterior of the pan to release them.
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Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. I made 3 dozen 3" triangle pastries today and have frozen them. I used an apple strudel filling (finely chopped) and most of a pound of phyllo. I baked one, first sprinkling a little cinnamon/sugar on top before baking.

M brown, why should they sit for 20 minutes before baking? I've always put the cheese (or spinach/cheese or mushroom duxelles) filled ones in the oven right from the freezer with no problem.

I also bought some frozen little phyllo shells, which I will fill with spinach/feta filling, then bake about 10 minutes. I've done this before and people liked them.

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