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I am making bloody mary biscuits with a beer cheese gravy for about 300 - 400. they will be served out of hot wells, held for up 15 - 30 minutes at a time. Given the fact that they will be held and not necessarily served fresh to order, I had thought about baking them all off the day before, and warming them prior to service. I didn't think this would adversely affect the quality anymore than holding them. My other thought was to make the dough, cut it and freeze it, and bake them that morning from frozen, but this will be a lot more effort the day of, tying up ovens that I will need for other entrees. Any thoughts?


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Rewarm should be fine. Most places get prebaked frozen and rewarm them. You might want to brush them with butter to give them the fresh out of the oven aroma.
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The only thing to watch is drying out the biscuits reheating in dry heat. You really want to reheat without dry heat hitting the bottom of the pan or directly to the biscuit. I always plastic wrapped the trays and reheated in my warmer that had some water in the bottom so they got some moist heat hitting the trays. I agree with Kuan on the butter brushing.
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Product quality versus space, time, staffing, and equipment issues.
Not my favorite dance... But...

Would parbake be an option for you? Maybe a combination of reheated, parbake and fresh?
You know the staff and equip. better than I.

You also get to choose which product has priority for oven space!!!

Oh Boy!

Good luck with your choices!

I also like the butter brushing! Yum...
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thank you all for your replies. They were more of a drop biscuit, so parbaking wasn't really an option. I baked them all off yesterday, brushed them with garlic butter this morning, and reheated them in the alto shaam. worked fairly well for my purposes.

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