Magnetic knife storage & knife cleaning

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Knife blocks and magnetic strips on the wall won't work in my small kitchen space and I wonder if anyone has figured out a safe way to store knives magnetically on the side of the fridge.

Also, my new knives, I'm embarassed to say, have some stains on the blade and wonder how to remove them. They are Wustof knives.  I've heard of Barkeepers Friend...would that work?

Thanks everyone!
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I've never done it (my magnetic holders are on walls or the sides of cabinets) but there are some very strong double-stick tapes that will likely adhere a magnetic knife holder to the side of a refrigerator.  I'd look especially for the type that has a thin foam base.

Re: knife stains... I wouldn't worry about them.  They are a sign of real use and add character.  If that isn't your style, I'd give Barkeep's Friend a try but not anything more abrasive than that.

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