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 hi ! i have been making macaroon since i have come  at least 50 times  but my problem is that they r sticky o un cooked from the bottom i have tried  by increasing baking time it is overcooked i will tell u how i make

45 gm almond powder
38 gm egg white
18 gm Castor sugar
75 gm icing sugar
pinch of cream of tater
sift almond powder and icing sugar keep a side
start beating after little foam add pinch of cream of tarter  when half way start adding caster sugar slowly
when it is stiff then start folding almond and icing sugar  when  it is shining and thick mixture not flowy  pipe on silicon mat
keep it for 30 min when i touch it is not sticky
now on double tray i bake it on 140 c for 16 min  my oven is convection oven   fan oven
now the problem is if i increase the temp it is volcano  if i bake for little  more time it is crispy and hard
believe  i am so disappointed  i have studied all the web site for macaroons next month we have to start selling them
with piping i have become better
i hope u under stand my problem

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I would skip the silicone mat and use parchment paper to get better heat transferring from the sheet pan to the macaroons. Besides that, I only use silicone mats when it's absolutely necessary because it's cheaper to use parchment paper and throw it away than it is to pay someone to wash dirty mats.
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