Macarons with Ground Pecans?

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Hi all!
I've made macarons several times now with pretty decent results and am thinking of experimenting a bit with pecan pie macarons.Any reason to think ground pecans will work differently in the recipe than ground almonds? Thanks!!
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I have never seen it done with pecans, but I have seen pistachio macarons before. My concern would be that pecans have a very high fat content and it would probably be hard to straddle the line between making a flour and a paste (at least if you don't want the flour to be super gritty). My advice would be to focus on the filling, which is what I have often heard from more talented macaronists (macaronies?) than I. You could also try experimenting with pecan extracts and butters if you want a smooth filling.
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I have seen the recipes but never pulled the trigger.
One piece of info I can share...I toast almost all of the nuts as soon as they hit my kitchen.
Saves time later on.
Anyways the almonds are much more forgiving when it comes to timing...pecans and walnuts have to be babysat as they seem to have a very short roasted to scorched timeline.

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It works, I've made them before. I used the dust that was sifted out of ground pecans, so it was superfine.
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