Macaron storage and maturing problem .. Help !!

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    Hi all the macaron bakers out there !!! I need help !!

    i have a question about macaron storage and maturing and was wondering if anyone can help.

    my macarons:
    I use French method
    I mostly use buttercream filling (egg white, butter and sugar) after filling them I put them in air tight glass container and into the fridge. I tried 24 hours, tried 48 hours, tried 3 days in the fridge to mature and then take them out for 2 hours/ 3 hours... to 10 hours before consuming, all these procedure still gave me a too soft of a macaron and no egg shell crunch when bitten into It does gets a little better if I take them out for 10 hours at room temperature but the buttercream seems to be melting and too warm.. at some point i feel the egg shell part is going stale

    is it the baking that gone wrong?

    is it the storage process? everyone said to put them in air tight container would it be that the humitiy are trapped inside the container and makes the macaron too humid?
    it just feels that my macaron are alittle sticky or there's a film around it that (not dry and fresh to the touch) they are nice out of the oven but once out of fridge or freezer it just feels sticky

    should I leave the macaron unwrapped in the fridge to mature??

    how do you mature them properly or store them properly so i get the crunch at first bite then the soft interior then to the filling

    Thanks a lot !!!