Macaron fail !

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I have a little problem... For a while, I had a project : make homemade "macarons" (this little french -and delicious- pastries). But I tried a few times and it always ended up on a big fail, all the "cookies" were deformed, linked, they all squeezed in together. I don't have problems with the stuffing but without beautiful "cookies", I can't do anything! It gets to resign myself that I will never be able to realise macarons who have style! :) Does have anyone some tips to improve my technique ? 

Thank you! 
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The most often made mistake will have something to do with the meringue component.
Beating too much or not beating enuf or maybe the technique used to fold.
How comfortable you are with meringues can be a huge factor.... if not then I suggest playing around with some egg whites and a stand mixer.
One recipe to practice that will gain you some experience is for Forgotten Cookies.
You not only learn what a proper meringue looks like when it has been whipped to full volume but you will get a feel for using a piping bag as well.

There are also quite a few very good threads here on Chef Talk just use the search feature.

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One of the biggest problems people have when making macarons is the "macaronage"' which is basically the folding in of the dry ingredients into the egg whites.
If the batter is over mixed, it becomes to runny, and then the cookie will loose its shape, and be all wonky :).
All descriptions say "stop mixing when it looks like flowing lava". Liked we've all seen that.
You don't necessarily need to be gentle with the batter, because it is mixed to get some of the air out. So, fold some, then check how it flows off the spatula. It should sit on itself for a few seconds then smooth out when it's ready.
Also, I've found to not over fill the pastry bag. All the squeezing is still working the batter, and when you get close to the last in the bag, it will be much looser than at the beginning. If I don't watch that, the last ones piped will be duds.
Unfortunately, to learn how these cookies work, you generally waste almond flour (grrrr!). I hate it when they flop, and with as many as I've made over the years, it still happens. Just keep trying, watch some videos, read lots of tutorials. It will all help.
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since everyone already got the meringue tips down.

For better shape and size, we used to draw circles on a wax paper and pipe over those as a practice guide. After a lot of practice, you'll be able to pipe faster and make perfect circles each time even with your eyes closed. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif/img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif  

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