macadamia nut crusted sea bass


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Does anyone happen to know a recipe for Macadamia nut crusted sea bass or compatible fish?
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Hi Oli,

This is a tasty dish,

I do mine with a fish indiginous to the pacific waters, like Waho, marlin and the like.
Mahi also works well.

What I do is fillet, skin and tweese the fish.
Drizzel it with a little ponzu, orange zest and a touch of gingerroot juice.

Then I very lightly beat a couple egg whites, Proccess some macadamia in the robot coupe, careful not to purre them and turn the nuts into butter.

Keep some texture to them, like pearl barley or cous cous.

Remove the fish fillets from the light marinade and pat dry.
Season both sides with kosher salt, fresh milled pink peppercorns and white pepper.

Using a pastry brush paint the fillet with the egg whites, (the side closet to the fish frame, not the skin side)
Chop a little cilantro, add it to the nuts, and sprinkle the fillet evenly with the nuts (maybe 1/8 of an inch thick)

On medium heat, add equal amounts of peanut oil and vegetable oils.
Place the coated side down, and away from you and brown, (try to use a not stick pan)
Turn gently and pop in a 425-degree oven for 4/6 minutes.

I serve this with an emoulsion of lemon grass, ginger and papaya..a little lime zest and honey.
I prepare it almost like a sabayon.

I serve it ontop of a crispy rice cake, in a soup terrine, topped with fried yucca chips, and fried ginger.
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Sounds yummy Cape Chef- do you serve with a sauce? or maybe an infused oil?

Duh-----I need to read more carefully

Really really yummy!
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Please try to spare the endangered Padagonian toothfish, and use that 'compatible' fish!!! Mahi-mahi is yummy with macadamia nuts, so is opah if you can get it; even snapper and catfish - although I do catfish with a pecan crust and brown butter sauce.
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My Dear Cape Chef,

If Dear Abby's kitchen boy ever retires, would you be interested in applying for the post?

Dear Abby is roasting you, of course. But my, what a delicious sounding recipe. Is there any objection to using actual sea bass for the sea bass recipe?

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Dear Abby...

The sea bass would work very well, it does not however have the same fat content of some of the other fin fish I recommened.

So, I would under cook the Bass a tad to keep it's coligen in the flesh.

Also, Dear Abby, This is not the season for sea bass, it is a benifit to the species only to fish them in season (June/July/August)

Now the bass are happy to hold there roe.

Also, chilian sea bass (the real deal) is being so over fished, that what we see on the market is a charade or a mock of the real fish.

Dear Abby, I am flattered by your proposel for a job, couldn't afford me.

BTW, are you still in syndication?
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Oh, my, you lovely man.

Chef Henri has agreed with you, my dear Cape Chef. Dear Abby will have to wait for a few months to satisfy her craving. This waiting will merely serve to whet her appetite.

Raul, our deck hand, promises some excellent fishing off the coast of Chile later this summer. It will take much persuasion to get Henri to go to sea again after the horrible sea bass incident of 1978.

With regard to your delightful teasing concerning syndication. Dear Abby is incognito. She is not who you think.

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