Mac pro, massa VG, and stiffness

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    Hello All

    I've read about the whiipy Massa VG and the nstiffer Mac Pro. My question is who does it compare to the following knives in terms of stiffness. I'm not looking for a steel comparison just a realative real world,  have used both, comparison.

    My current rotation

    Tojiro DP 24cm

    Fujiwara FKM 24

    Kikuchi Carbon Elite 24

    All gyutos. The fuji seems to be least stiif of the bunch but not so much that it stops me from using it. I've got 12" Dexter Carbon for the heavy duty stuff when I need leverage.

    Anybody care to kick in an opinion?
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    Tojiro DP is relatively stiff and feels even stiffer because it's laminated. 

    The MAC is not as stiff as the Tojiro, but stiffer than the Kikuichi carbon Elite and Fujiwara FKM.  Because it's "single steel" it feels far more lively on the board and in the cut than the Tojiro. 

    The Masa is a little bit whippier than the Fujiwara.  I don't see that as a disadvantage, but many people who've only used western made knives do.  If the FKM doesn't bother you, I doubt the VG will either. 

    Hope this helps,