mac or global?

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Some people find Globals difficult to sharpen.  I personally do not find them much harder to sharpen than other blades.  However, if I had to start over, I might have gone with a different knife, since Globals are relatively soft for Japanese knives, and do not hold their edge as well as a result.

On the flip side, Globals are extremely corrosion resistant, and I find that they are extremely handy for citrus, pineapples, things of that nature for this reason.  I use it without using a cutting board.  As a day to day knife, it will require more frequent sharpening than the Mac.

I would also consider other knives such as the Fujiwara FKM if you're looking for an entry level Japanese knife.
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I would second the Fujiwara . I have the 210 gyuto and I find it to be a great all around tool. Edge retention is good, very nimble.

Can you share with us why these two brands?

Many options in the J knife world.

I've got a couple of Mac's, good knives, a bit overpriced IMHO. Other better options for me.

Each to his own.
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