Mabuhay from Philippines.

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Hi foodies! Im Dae a senior student. I love to cook sumptuous and tasty foods. My love in cooking started when i was 7yrs old.My goal in life is to eat around the world. I'm hoping to learn more from you guys. cheers!
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Hello - welcome to ChefTalk.

Our membership is drawn from around the globe ('m Scottish), so you'll find lots of interesting information on this site.  We range from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs - and all points in between.  Some (like me) are enthusiastic amateurs!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting or start your own.  The Professional fora on here are read-only for those us us who are not in any culinary profession - but the rest is open to everyone.  There are some amazing articles and photographs on the site, too.
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