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Quick question, is it a good idea to have a lunch menu with , for example, a burger with no sides and make it look cheap. They can add a side for more money? To get the quick lunch crowd in. I got a 38 seat place and just wondering if it is a good idea for turn over and to get people in the door. Seems to be working for another restaurant in town, just want some expert opinions.

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"No side" places might get people in the door with the seemingly cheap prices, but when they order sides and finally get the bill, sticker shock sets in as they try to figure out how the hell the they spent so much.
Joined Jun 27, 2012 long as it is only the price that is cheap.
I would still expect a quality burger and those fries better be worth it.
Potatos are relatively cheap as long as you are cutting by hand.
It is the fryer oil that calls for the big $$.
This sounds like a question for @chefbuba .

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Ya all the quality and portions are the same just wondering if I split them up if it would be good for business to get some more people in the door. Lunch here isn't bad but could always be better
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 I think it looks cheap. Would be better to price it including side(s). You could offer "upgrades" to the sides (salad, sweet potato fries, onion rings, etc) if you want to try and make more money. 
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Good points. I will run my lunch special like that at first and see people's reaction to it for now

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