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Here are some of the colorful jargon of the classic lunch counter and diner:

"Adam and Eve on a raft" means two poached eggs on toast.

"zeppelins in a fog'"is sausages and mashed potatoes.

"cowboy with spurs" is a western omelet with fries.

"stretch" is a Coke.

"full house" is a grilled cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich.

"cremate a blue, bikini cut", is a well done, toasted blueberry muffin cut in 4 pieces.

"radio" is a tuna fish sandwich on toast. (Formerly "tuna down" which sounded like "turn it down," as if asking someone to turn down the volume on a radio).

"51" is hot chocolate.

"whiskey down" is rye toast.

"squeeze it" means make it fast.

"seaboard" means make it to go.

"cluck and grunt" is eggs and bacon.

Would you know any more?
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Thanks Kimmie,

"wreck two" = 2 scrambled eggs
"spare tire" = pancake
"battery acid " = coffee
"86" = out of something
"head lights" = sunny side eggs

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