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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by reuben stenberg, May 22, 2013.

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    Hey Chefs

    First time poster here, but long time reader. These forums have helped me a great deal in the past but now I need your guys help! 

    I run a high volume kitchen that does a seafood boil every thursday. Thursdays are not our busiest day at all but I need to have at least 30 orders ready to order in about a 5-6 hour window. 

    My current set up is cooking up the corn on the cob, quartered baby red potatoes, andouille sausage and holding them separately in a make shift steam table on the flat top. Then we boil the shrimp to order. 

    Equipment at my disposal

    - 6 foot flat top grill

    - 2 burner stove (need one open for mussels)

    - Hot Box cabinet with plenty of spare room

    My set up works fine now but I feel there is a more efficient way. We need to push fast ticket times because of the high volume. Any ideas for improvement!? 

    Thanks in advance!