Low carbs and cancer causing agents

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Does anyone know of any sugar substitutes that aren't known to cause cancer in lab animals?


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Is stevia still considered "safe"? It is, at least, derived almost straight from a herb instead of from Chemical Byproducts.

Oh. Just checked. Banned by the FDA in 1991 because of "insufficient data." Well then. It's readily available in Canada, and I quite like it (as far as non-sugar sweeteners go). I find it has far less of a nasty aftertaste than any of your Splendas or saccharines. Also, despite the FDA, it does have a long history of folk use.

There are a couple of cookbooks out there on using it in cooking. It's available in liquid form (my favourite; least aftertaste), pure ground herb form (green!) and a packaged form that's white and stretched with some sort of starchy thing to give it body.
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The ones based on oligofructose and inulin are safe.  Both are in stevia, but there are some refined products that have them without the funny taste.   Somersweet is the only brand name I know of, but it is very expensive.  But for a dead ringer for sugar (it even carmelizes) and something that you can bake well with, you cannot beat it.

Look for sweeteners made from a South American root plant (which I forget the name of right now, Yacon, I think).   Those are the ones with oligofructose (actually good for you) and inulin.  Stevia does not have as much inulin as these sweeteners do.

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