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Hi all,
I've been studying cooking and baking all my life and I am 62 so a pretty good home cook. I look at too much food porn and can read 15 recipes for chocolate chip cookies before committing. What I've found though, is that I keep coming back to the simple recipes that have stood the test of time. Simple foods well cooked and presented seem to please people the most. Also, everyone of my family members have serious and strange food allergies (we all have epipens!!) so eating out for us is always a trial. Its better that I just cook for us and make sure everyone has something they can safely eat without worrying. (Of all the allergies the hardest one is casein so no dairy at all for our daughter and grandson, there is just nothing that substitutes well for butter!) Thanks for welcoming me, Annc3333
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Hi annc3333,


Sounds like you have fun in the kitchen, even with the challenges of ingredient vigilance!

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