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  1. m brown

    m brown

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    This is a huge area to be expanded upon at the culinary education level.
    Do you have components of the book for use in schools?
    In the smaller culinary schools, this is the next big thing.

    I have for years been pairing desserts and chocolates with beverages from cold milk to honey'd martini's to dead black espresso. When the option was offered, it was often taken.
    Not just another way to sell sell sell, but a way to improve the dining experience.

    Looking forward to reading the book! (and sharing it too!):bounce:
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    karen page

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    Dear M. Brown,

    You did a great job of nailing some of the key reasons that every chef who's ever visited will want to master the subject of food and drink pairing! As you said,

    - It's the Next Big Thing. In fact, we believe that history will look back upon 2006-07 as a critical turning point in the dramatic rise of food and drink pairing.

    - It's a way to "sell sell sell" -- and increase check averages in the increasingly competitive environment of the restaurant industry.

    - It improves the dining experience for customers -- and can create peak dining experiences they'll want to return for again and again.

    Several leading culinary schools have already expressed interest in adopting WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT for classroom use -- it's easy to use, and -- unlike other books on the subject -- doesn't take a PhD to master.

    The availability of this information on peak food and drink pairings puts every early reader of the book who applies its lessons at a competitive advantage. (And it's still early, as the book was just released in October.) As food and drink pairings in the restaurant environment become even more commonplace (as is currently the case, with not only four-star restaurants but even chain restaurants like the Olive Garden now doing so), those who don't will be left behind competitively.

    Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page
    Winner of the 2006 Georges Duboeuf Wine Book of the Year Award
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