Love or lust?


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Depends on the specific item in question. There are two chefs who are no longer cooking in my region. My desire for their food, through denial, has become a lust.

A good pan sauce, that's love.

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Yes!! Fraises du bois...tender passion
Comice ripened to sweet perfection....sensual
first morels, asparagus, rhubarb, raspberries of Spring...passionate desire,
Tomatoes with mayo on white bread....long term love
Anything cooked well....deep appreciative love.
Anything raised well....same as above.
Anything adulterated to mimic food...disdainful repulsion

So not all food is equal in my heart. What makes me sing is cooking with incredible foods for appreciative audiences....that have a sense of play about them. And there is nothing more erotic than having someone send you a dozen variety of apples...or books about lusty foods. I'm teaching an Aphrodisac cooking class in Feb.....I'll check to see what the menu is, but I can guarantee truffle honey will be involved and need I say wild mushrooms.
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