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Hello everyone!
First off I'd like to say this forum is great, lots of great threads and great people! 
Ive been reading on here for a good while now, however, this is my first post as I just registered to ventilate my self a little and tell you about my situation.

2 months back I got hired at a seafood restaurant (sort of upscale, about 45 seats) wich has only been open for about 4 months, besides the chef/owner Im the only one working in the kitchen as of now. The place is rapidly becoming more popular as there's no other seafood restaurant in the area and were now looking for another cook.
Ive been working crazy hours the past two months trying to take some workload off the owner since he obviously has a million other things to do, managing the new business.
He is happy with how I do things and keep giving me more responsibility, wich is great as I, age 25, never had this much input in a kitchen before.

Ok, this all sounds awesome but Im a bit overwhelmed by it all, and the fact that ive been working roughly 100 hours/week  is leaving me somewhat phsyically drained and mushy in the brain. I havent been working alot with seafood prior to this so I'm learning tons of stuff daily, wich I assume adds to the mental exhaustion. I get paid less than where I worked before but If I stick out Im sure it will pay off somehow..

Now, the owner has asked me to come up with some dishes for the new spring menu, and I dont have any inspiration left.
Most of my fish repertuare has been "used up" as we do lunches aswell, and Im desperatly trying to come up with something
special, fun, edgy, for the a la carte and I feel Im a bit in over my head.

What do you do when you run out of ideas and inspiration?  I dont have much time or money to go out and eat at other restaurants alot. And dont really have much time when Im at work either.

Maybe you guys would share some ideas with me? What would you love to see on the menu at your fishrestaurant?

Sorry for the rant. Thanks
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Welcome, and sounds like your doing a great job with the new position. It would help if we knew where you from, Seafood ideas are location specific.............Take care......Bill
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What I like to do is go to the libarary or a friend's place and look at cookbooks and/or magazines.  Don't pour over the stuff, just thumb through it, thinkibg stuff like "Yeah, that might work, but if I tweak this way or that way" or "that's a good idea, but if I take the whole idea and apply it to fish or to poultry, it might work".  

Hope this helps....,  
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Okay love where is the restaurant located, and as far as the menu your boss is looking for, is it lunch, dinner???
You are doing a wonderful job, and understand the stress. This makes you a great chef in the making. What kind
of seafood do you have access to, and what are some of the items on the menu now? Anything not working that
needs to be changed?? Let me know i'll try to help.. 
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Thanks for the replys!
I probably should've mentioned earlier where Im located, Im in Sweden! (i understand this might make it difficult for you to know what I have to work with)
My boss asked me to come up with dinner items and the food doesnt necesarily have to be genuine swedish food as the initial idea was to flirt with the "mediterrainan" cusine and we do more of the swedish day to day food during the lunches.

The restaurant isn't located near a harbor or anything but we get fresh fish shipped in daily as there's a seafood and deli shop attatched to the restaurant and everything we use in the kitchen comes from the shop.
We do lunches of whatever fish that hasnt been sold in the shop for a day or two.

We have all sorts of fish like monkfish, salmon, char, cod, herring, turbot, tuna (frozen) and others. Swedish lobster and oysters, kingcrabs (frozen), scallops, shrimp and prawns.

Everything on the menu is to be replaced except for the shellfishplatter with lobster, crayfish, shrimp, oysters and kingcrabs, and the bouillabaisse wich has sort of become the restaurants signature dish.
Spring is a few weeks away (still snowing here) and we are obviously looking to match that on the menu. We want a simple menu layout with starters, mains and desserts.

So far, this is what im thinking of as far as maincourses go

Loin of cod with chervilcream, horseradishgel, grilled asparagus and a crispy egg (poached, breaded and deepfried, yolk still creamy)

Grilled monkfish with sauted springmorels, blanched babyvegs and an artichokepure

Maybe a skewer with say, salmon, monkfish, scallops, tigerprawns... what could one serve with that?

not too comfortable with pasta but i guess a seafood pasta would be popular...

My ideas seem a bit all over the place. Need to work out some concistancy.
Ranting again.
Need some sleep, ciao!

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