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    Dear Chefs,Students,Food lovers,etc!

    Im writing for you in order to get information about the best culinary Schools/Institutes/Academies all over the world, especially in Europe. I just finished my studies in Lithuania and now im moving forward to culinary - my passion from childhood and my biggest dream to succeed in . This summer i was working in the hotel in Greece as a helper in the kitchen ( cant tell i was a cook or a chef of course ) ,  but anyway , i got to know it works to be in the kitchen and i really loved it , i didnt change my opinion about my future plans after this trial .So, to start with, from the next season i would like to enter courses that make you professional - the longer lasting ones, not  basics to get to know methods and techniques better . Moreover , i would like to know which places combines the best with money and quality . So if anyone from any Europe country has entered or finished a good school to become a professional  - please let me know , i would be very glad . By the way , i was thinking about moving to Australia too , so if anyone knows a place in Sydney , Melbourne ,etc - please also share the information . You can just send me a link and i will check about the prices, courses,etc. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !